Mitsubishi World Site (Unofficial)


This is an independent site (NOT representing Mitsubishi group of companies like Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi Electric, Nikon, Kirin Beer) to help current and potential customers of Mitsubishi products by making them aware of product complaints, defects, safety issues, recalls...Unlike most other consumer affairs sites we plan to help customers by doing more analysis and presenting them solutions. Moreover, we seek potential partnership with Mitsubishi companies to help them support their customers. We believe and hope that the Mitsubishi companies do too, that interest of customers come first. Initially we will focus on West Samoa and the USA regions expanding gradually to worldwide coverage.

This site exists to unofficially serve the consumers of Mitsubishi products and is NOT FOR SALE.


(Last Updated: Jan 12, 2010.)

Mitsubishi World Site (Unofficial)